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Our stores have an in-house clinic equipped with state-of-the-art eye checkup instruments and a qualified Optometrist


Our stores stock a wide range of Spectacle frames in various styles ,sizes of different brands to suit everyone’s need.

Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are worn to protect the eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays from sun, and also for cooling effect. Most often worn just for aesthetic purposes, or simply to hide the eyes. Examples of sunglasses that were popular for these reasons include teashades and mirrorshades. Many blind people wear opaque glasses to hide their eyes for aesthetic reasons.


sunaina Opticians have a team of trained technicians to take care of maintenance and repairs of spectacles and sunglasses

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Caring for your Glasses

• When glasses are dry, avoid touching the lens surface
• Do not to polish the lens
• Do not rub the lens too hard with a dry cloth
• When washing glasses in soapy water, ensure that the water is not too hot. This is particularly important when washing plastic framed glasses as their shape can become deformed with heat.
• A dish soap or wishing up liquid is best and you should avoid hand soaps, as these can leave a residue from added moisturiser in them.
• Never use any products containing ammonia to clean glasses as this can damage the lens.
• Paper including tissues should not be used to clean glasses as the fibres can damage the lens.
• If your glasses have a screw in them to hold the lens, ensure that it is in place securely, before washing glasses.
• Take care not to chip the frame when washing glasses.

Cleaning your Glasses

Glasses should be cleaned with the cloth, which is usually included with the glasses. Fortnightly, you may wish to wash them in warm soapy water, rinse well and dry with a cleaning cloth. This should be done as follows:

• Rinse the glasses in warm water. Ideally, running water.
• Then, using a mild soap, wash them in warm water. A dish-soap or wishing up liquid is best and you should avoid hand soaps, which can leave a residue. You may need to use a clean cloth, preferably cotton. Use circular motions to wipe off the soap as the glasses are rinsed under a running tap of warm water.
• The glasses can then be dried gently with a cotton towel/chamois. The frame should also be dried.
• If the nose pads need cleaning, try using a soft toothbrush but ensure that you do not scratch the lenses.

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